Is My Smart Device Compatible?

The first question you need to ask yourself is do I have the know how to put a new smart system together? If not, then where do I go and who should I talk to? What do I hope to achieve and what are the advantages?

Whether you gain the knowledge yourself or pay for expertise to put your system together you require sound advice when it comes to home security and connectivity.

In previous blogs we talk about some of the devices available and how they link up with one another but an important question is. Do they work?

At AMAROK SYSTEMS we can support you on what systems are compatible and what to stay clear of to avoid the headaches.

We ask the correct questions. Which supplier do you use? This is a fundamental question for you need to ensure that the Smart devices can work successfully with your broadband set-up. If in doubt then we can help. Not only that we can work out the set-up and annual costs of the system for you.

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