Home Smart Devices Explained

So What Devices Can Be Smart?

AMAROK SYSTEMS provide complete solutions for making your very own ‘smart home’. The following list helps explain the services we offer. From consultation through to final install, we are with you every step of the way.

Home Security

CCTV is installed and use for a visual record of anyone entering your premises and can be monitored in real-time on your mobile phone, PC, laptop and tablet. Cameras can be set-up to record footage. Motion sensor CCTV cameras can follow moving objects and set-off alarm systems.

Smart devices can turn on / off electrical lighting, turn on audio devices, open and close blinds and lock doors.

Link up to Apple’s HomeKit, which includes Siri, Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa and you can give the illusion that your house is occupied using realistic audio to deter potential intruders, such as cleaning, talking, laughing, working in the home office and preparing food. This will complement your existing security arrangements, giving you an extra level of reassurance.

What Home Appliances
Can Be Smart?

Control your energy consumption and costs from home or from a remote device. Turn on / off and control the temperature of your central heating or other heating devices. Intelligent systems can even advise you when to turn up or turn down your heating by gauging your home temperature.

Kitchen appliances such as fridges, dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers, kettles, juicers, stand mixers, slow cookers, microwaves, ice-cream makers, dishwashers, hand blenders are just some devices that can be activated using Smart devices. Setting timers to control gadgets to suit your lifestyle is a convenient way of organising your day or night.

Smart Locks

Your home, garage and outhouses security can be fully secured by using door and window locks controlled by your mobile. You can provide entry to your property to other people you trust to complete cleaning tasks, maintenance jobs or provide caring services to the people you love. Unlike a key, you can change a digital lock password at any time.

Set The Mood

Need to get activate or just relax then set the mood to how you feel. White, soft white for everyday light. Warm-to-cool light for morning or night. White or colour ambience at your control. As well as a useful security device you can use lighting in a creative way by dimming lights and changing the colour spectrum of a light. AMAROK SYSTEMS use cost saving, environmentally friendly bulbs that have a longer lasting life and save you money.

Audio Devices

Smart audio devices can raise or lower audio volume and turn on / off at any time of the day or night. Apple’s HomeKit, which includes Siri, Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa can be activated for full integration with dozens of apps and services. Need a music alarm or looking for that perfect recipe? Help is now at hand or more accurately is now available through speech activation.

Never be late catching a train or plane again when you set up alarm and alerts to your speaker devices.

Never Miss Your Favourite Programme

AMAROK SYSTEMS can make your TV fully Smart compatible so you can set programme recordings and turn on / off from your mobile using our Smart app. You can even record your favourite series or box set to watch at your convenience.

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