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Safe And Secure In Your Own Home, Yes?

Gone are the days when we used to leave our windows and doors unlocked whether we were in or out. We are all aware to be more vigilant and pressure of work and family life and looking forward to weekend breaks and holidays means we are leaving the home unattended for longer periods. A sensible approach to home security is in all our thoughts whether protecting our own houses or keeping en eye on family a relatives homes. AMAROK SYSTEMS give expert advise on further safe-guarding your home.

Why Not Get A Dog!

A faithful friend may be one solution to guard against a burglars opportunism or not leaving your keys on hooks near the front door a sensible decision. Purchasing a burglar alarm is recommended but is it well maintained and has action taken place when it has gone off in testing, a temporary fault or if your home has been previously burgled. Have you evident of who has invaded your premises? CCTV can give you more peace of mind and is proven to deter even the most persistent of burglars.

CCTV Installation

AMAROK SYSTEMS supply a range of modern CCTV cameras that are easy to install and are not too invasive to the eye and architecture of your home. Disruption to your lifestyle is kept to a minimum with our quick and professional service. We evaluate each home we visit in order to establish where best to house the cameras for optimum coverage tracking people entering your premises without invading other neighbours privacy. Installation is quick and clean and full training on how to use the equipment is easy to understand to operate and maintain the equipment.

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Security Systems

CCTV is installed and use for a visual record of anyone entering your premises and can be monitored in real-time on your mobile phone, PC, laptop and tablet. Cameras can be set-up to record footage. Motion sensor CCTV cameras can follow moving objects and set-off alarm systems.

Smart devices can turn on / off electrical lighting, turn on audio devices, open and close blinds and lock doors.

Link up to Apple’s HomeKit, which includes Siri, Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa and you can give the illusion that your house is occupied using realistic audio to deter potential intruders, such as cleaning, talking, laughing, working in the home office and preparing food. This will complement your existing security arrangements, giving you an extra level of reassurance.

Recent years have shown increasing interest of professionals in setting creative experiments.

Minimal Design

Our latest range of CCTV cameras are compact and non intrusive.

Fast Response

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